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Open Heart Surgery Podcast

Ep 005 Developing A Positive Mindset w/ Peet Sapsin

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Peet is an expert Personal Trainer and talented businessman.  He has grown his fitness business massively by developing a positive mindset.  Learn how Peet has transferred his personal development and success to create not only success in his business, but more importantly, in the lives of his clients.  This interview is fire!  Wise words from a wise man.

Some of the key takeaways I got from this interview:

  • Let the good AND the bad motivate you.  Everything becomes a motivator to learn.
  • Thing's take time so be patient.
  • One of the most important factors in being successful and happy is truly loving what you do.
  • Set goals and plan, and stick to the plan and execute.
  • Learn to listen!
  • Where you currently are is your benchmark.  You can only go up from here if you choose to.