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Open Heart Surgery Podcast

Ep 004 The Easiest Way to Make More Money

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The first step in making more money is becoming aware of your own beliefs about money.  I grew up with a poor mans mentality and never understood money. 

I've worked hard and studied not only what my beliefs are, but have taken action to change those beliefs and it's paying huge dividends.  Learn what my beliefs are and how I have begun to overcome them.

I also talk about the biggest discovery I've made when it comes to making more money.  Everything I talk about isn't necessarily groundbreaking.  But it's designed to get you to reflect on the basic principles that create success in different areas of your life.

Interested in making more money?  There are a few important questions to ask yourself that provide answers as to why you're earning the income you currently are.  And what to do if you want to make more.  When you do a great job, people will find out.  Learn how you can make more money by simply shifting your perspective and approach to what you already do. 

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