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Open Heart Surgery Ep 000 - My Story


Episode 000 - My Story

Hey!  I'm super excited to share this with you.  About this time last year, I had the idea to start a podcast.  Originally I was planning on doing it with my friend but it didn't work out. 

I then tried to do it with another friend, but it didn't work out either.  It was a clear sign to me that podcasting is meant to be a solo mission for now. 

It's been a long time coming but I recorded, interviewed, produced, signed up, and edited my episodes and have officially launched it!

This is my first episode.  I wanted to share my background with you so you can get an understanding of who I am and where I'm coming from. 

My thought is that by learning about my story, you will gain a deeper understanding of the messages I'm sharing and the lessons I've learned. 

It would mean everything to me to have your feedback by leaving a review in iTunes! 

It's super simple and you can do it by clicking HERE.