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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

 127 Hours

127 Hours

Being uncomfortable.  What does that mean to you? 

Each person has their own definition of what being uncomfortable means.  For some it's not having a coffee in the morning, waking up early, or not being on their cell phone for a few hours.

For others, it's public speaking, being alone, confronting a coworker, or admitting to a mistake.

Each of these situations are just as uncomfortable as the next because we all have different comfort levels.

My whole life I've been comfortable and lived within the small confines of my mental box that have been created from past events and people.  I've played a story in my head that has led to nothing but unhappiness, abdundance, and fulfillment. 

Being uncomfortable sucks.  But the greatest gifts and experiences I've had in my life are when I stepped out of my comfort zone and overcame the challenge that was presented. 

When I push myself past what I think is possible, I feel a sense of nervousness, but also excitement.  It creates a feeling unlike any other.  I feel more alive when I'm out of my comfort zone, and more accomplished when I overcome something difficult than anything else I do out of routine.

So I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and LIVE! Fight for your life, not to survive!

I am always here for support and am open to feedback and any questions you have.  With love and gratitude to you and yours.