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Open Heart Surgery Podcast

The Power of Support

LeBron James, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Beyonce.  These are people at the absolute top of their game.  They have worked endlessly and relentlessly pursued excellence. Never settling and overcoming all doubt, from themselves and countless others. 

This is certainly a testament to the will and individual strength of each individual.  But I ask you, do you think they did it alone?  Absolutely not.  They had SUPPORT! 

What is support? Support is not help.  Saying you're going to "help" someone is implying that they are a helpless individual and they cannot do a task for themselves.  This is not empowering an individual, but enabling them to feel helpless, avoid responsibility, and feel like they can't do anything on their own.

And let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with requesting support.  All too often, we don't think we need support or deserve it.  Do you think LeBron James can win an NBA Championship on his own? Absolutely not.  There are coaches, trainers, and most of all his direct support, his teammates.  We exist to support one another and hold each other up when we're not at our best.

Allowing yourself to receive support is a gift for both parties.  When you allow yourself to receive support, you're showing vulnerability.  This is a gift for the person giving support and creates a deeper connection and bond between you two.  You're saying to the person or people that are giving you support, "I trust you, and I value you as a person to support me."  And actually receiving support is awesome!  You don't have to carry the burden alone, and you're not supposed to.  We are all the same and connected with each other.  We simply choose the level of connection we want with others in our lives.

Support is magical.  Support is saying you will take a stand for someone.  You know they can do it on their own, you believe in them, and lovingly support them.  You hold them accountable and push them to become the amazing person you know they are.  I invite you to start supporting those you care about, and even more so those you don't.  Those are the people who need the most support and love.

I am always here for support.  Please reach out by emailing me if you need support.  With love, vulnerability, appreciation, and gratitude, I am here for support.